2017 Bulls for Sale

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ALM - 1E

SIRE: High Climber

09/03/2017   |   BW: 83   |   POLLED

DAM: Cedar Patch PP Laguna
SOD: Posthaven Polled Yellowstone

Sold - Summer Delivery

RRT - 12E

SIRE: Gold Manor Albert

16/03/2017   |   BW: 81   |   DOUBLE POLLED

DAM: Gold Manor Donna
SOD: CFSV Polled Excel

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ALM - 9E

SIRE: Cedar Patch Cobalt

26/04/2017   |   BW: 84   |   DOUBLE POLLED

DAM: Cedar Patchh PP Hattie
SOD: Cedar Patch Pol Lincoln

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PEJ - 111E

SIRE:Cedar Patch Cobalt

02/05/2017   |   BW: 88   |   HOMO POLLED

DAM: Posthaven Polled Xcellence
SOD: Posthaven Polled Known Factor

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ALM - 11E

SIRE: Cedar Patch Cobalt

20/05/2017   |   BW: 83   |   DOUBLE POLLED

DAM:Cedar Patch PP Diana
SOD: Cedar Patch Pol Lincoln

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