Thank you for your time and interest in our program, it is greatly appreciated. The Cattle industry has demanded convenience with moderate weights, ideal udder quality with acceptable body type and size.

These basics of our program have never changed - only made better. The predictability and consistency breeds on as we add another generations progressing in our breeding plans. As we go through the generations we see cow families that surface time and time again - we are true believers in these cow families - the cornerstones and building blocks of a breeding program. This past year at Canadian Western Agribition, we were named the Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor, a true honor and complement to our program. Showing cattle enables us to compare our cattle in the same field on the same day. this is an opportunity for we in the industry to make those comparisons and selections for our breeding program.

Thank you to all, it is truly an honor to be involved with so many great people. This is what it is all about, working with you and your breeding program - your success is our success.

Join us for the
Wheatland Cattle Co.
Annual Bull Sale
March 25, 2021





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Article by Denise Lafrentz