While the Twin Heritage name is a little more than a decade old, the 4th generation farm traces its beginnings back to the early 1900’s.

The mixed farm has been continuously owned and operated by the Kereluik family since 1903. It was homesteaded by Nicholi Kereluik back in 1903 and later passed down to his son George who, along with his son Allan, farmed it up until the mid 70’s. Ann and Allan actively operate the farm and currently reside on the original homestead. In 2003, they were honoured with a Century Farm designation.

Allan, alongside his wife Ann, is going on his 7th decade of farming. They have four children; Sheri, Yvonne, Michael and Mitch. Mitch is actively involved in working with Allan and Ann in managing the farm and carrying on the day to day operations. Sheri and Yvonne and their families are not actively involved in the farm and Michael, while working off the farm, is involved with the purebred cattle operation.

Cows have always been a part of the operation; Allan dabbled with purebred Black Angus back in the 60’s, but decided not to pursue it much further than that. A commercial herd of about a 70 head of Charolais Simmental Hereford cross had been a mainstay up until the late 90’s. It was in ’98 that a decision was made to add 23 purebred Red Angus bred heifers. Since that time, the herd has grown and now sits around 110 head of purebred Red Angus breeding stock.

Now we add a new chapter to Twin Heritage with Mitch’s addition of a Simmental herd. He started buying a few bred heifers from Crossroad Farms a few years back and also purchased several leading cow family embryos from Crossroads over the last couple of years. The Simmental herd has grown to about 25 head now with bulls being marketed off the farm.