About Us

We are a family run mixed operation 1 hour east of Saskatoon in the R.M. Of Viscount.

Our goal is to raise correct, easy doing trouble free cattle without giving up on performance. We have commercial cattle as well and realize when we sell our calves we still get paid by the pound.

The black herd originated from the dispersals of the two high performance herds of Two M Angus of Cudworth and Elliott Angus of Lloydminster. Both the Meygesi's and Elliott's have taken an active interest in my program and their experience and viewpoints are much appreciated.

The red herd of which I am partnered with Two M Angus originated from Geis Angus and KBJ Round. We are looking forward to our first set of calves this winter.

We have met many great people in throughout the industry and look forward to meeting many more in the years ahead .