Spotlight on the Junior Associations

Canadian Charolais Junior Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

On behalf of the Canadian Charolais Youth Association, we’d like to thank T Bar C for your generous donations to our youth from the Annual T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament.  We appreciate your support of our breed and the development of our youth.  The generous donations from those in the cattle industry, and other individuals who participate and support youth through the golf tournament is greatly appreciated. 
Each year, the money we receive from T Bar goes toward a variety of programs and incentives for our members.  Some of these programs include the genetics program, which is run by our National Board and allows members to apply for free semen to AI their cows or heifers to.  The CCYA provides first year member rebates as an incentive for new members joining our association, and this money is largely supplied by our donations from the T Bar Invitational. 
The CCYA hosts an annual conference and show each year, rotating between Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  There are approximately 60 youth members that attend the conference annually.  This year our conference will be held July 12-15 in Olds, AB, and will be ran in conjunction with Summer Synergy.  The donations received from the T Bar Invitational help support our youth and make it possible to host a successful conference year after year. 
We also provide several scholarship opportunities to our youth members.  Senior members are eligible to apply for a leadership scholarship, which is awarded to a member who shows outstanding leadership skills.  The Education Award is another scholarship awarded to a senior member who excels in their performance during the conference, and is a tabulation of points from a variety of events throughout the conference.  Our annual essay competition awards youth from each age group with prize money for writing an essay and submitting it prior to the conference each year. 
We appreciate the support from the T Bar Invitational in making this funding and support possible for our youth.

Shae-Lynn Evans
The Canadian Charolais Youth Association

Canadian Junior Limousin Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

The T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament donates thousands of dollars each year to the Canadian Junior Limousin Association (CJLA) which is put to use in many aspects of CJLA programs and scholarships.
My name is Curtis Bielecki and I am the President of the CJLA. I have been on the CJLA board for four years. Being a part of CJLA has given me the opportunity to learn leadership skills, meet new people and make new friends. Each year the CJLA funds benefit and support the CJLA members. $1,500 worth of scholarships are awarded to the members annually. I received a scholarship that went towards my post-secondary education. The funds give us the opportunity to assist two CJLA members to participate in the Australian/Canadian Junior Limousin Exchange by giving them $1,000 each. It is a month long exchange to Australia, where participants have the opportunity to stay with a host family, meet new people within the Limousin breed and take part in shows. $1,000 is also given to the host committee of the CJLA Impact Show to assist with expenses and $300 is given to each CJLA board member who attends the show and CJLA Annual General Meeting. The CJLA Impact Show is our National Junior Show. In the past, I have used the $300 to attend the shows in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. Additionally, the CJLA members meet each December in Calgary for a CJLA board meeting and team building. All expenses are paid by the CJLA. I would like to thank T Bar on behalf of the CJLA for their generous donations to our junior programs and initiatives. Your support of youth in the cattle industry is greatly appreciated.

Curtis Bielecki
President, Canadian Junior Limousin Association

Canadian Junior Hereford Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

The Canadian Junior Hereford Association is the longest running Junior breed association in Canada and we have an incredible program to back the claim. The CJHA does an outstanding job of using its funds to bring beneficial programs and activities to its membership to grow their herds and bring them exceptional leadership skills.
The CJHA brings together its National Delegates, two from every province, twice a year to discuss issues, plan events, and organize programs. The CJHA covers airfare and hotels to offset the expense of bringing the Juniors together, and the delegates return their appreciation through the efforts and volunteer work they put into the CJHA throughout the year. While on the board, Juniors learn how to run a meeting, how to review an annual budget, and how to spearhead different projects each year. The CJHA runs a national show, Bonanza, produces a biannual Junior Newsletter, updates and prints Factsheets for any youth program to use, puts together a calendar, runs social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, holds an auction at Bonanza, organizes a 50/50 draw, and organizes the Heifer Lottery and the Semen Donation programs. Each province is responsible for a different project each year, and the delegates are in charge of contacting breeders and communicating with one another to achieve success with each project.
The newsletter and the calendar project are excellent ways for the membership to keep up to date with what is happening in each province, and to provide contact information in one easy place for some of our supportive breeders.
Each year, with the help of our breeders, we bring the Juniors the Heifer Lottery and the Semen Donation draws. Every paid member has their name entered into a draw for the chance to win a voucher of a specified amount from $500 - $1500, to use at the consigned sales to purchase his or her own animal! Each paid member is eligible to nominate cows and to put forth choices on bulls’ semen to use in their herd. Both of these projects do an excellent job of encouraging members to grow their own herds, while also helping to reduce the cost of such decisions!
This past spring, the CJHA decided to send their National President, Cassandra Gorrill, to the World Hereford Conference that took place in Uruguay. While in attendance, Cassandra was able to network with breeders worldwide, and to connect with Juniors from other countries to discuss Junior associations. The trip was spent learning about the traceability and the grass fed beef programs in Uruguay and building relationships with breeders for the future. Without the support and continuous contributions from the T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament, this opportunity and others like it would not be attainable to young Hereford enthusiasts.
On behalf of the Canadian Junior Hereford Association, and our National Board, I’d like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all who sponsor and attend this golf tournament, to pass along finances to Junior breed associations intent on shaping our youth into the future cattlemen we know they will be!

Cassandra Gorrill
Canadian Junior Hereford Association President

Canadian Junior Simmental Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

The Young Canadian Simmental Association (YCSA) is one of the most prominent youth development programs offered across Canada. The YCSA allows youth to network, develop skills, as well as become a stronger advocate for the agriculture industry. With this being said, the YCSA program would not be made possible without the continuous support of sponsors and donors such as the T Bar C Invitational.
The YCSA National Classic Show is held every year and rotates from province to province and is the highlight of the year for YCSA members. The funds provided by the tournament allow the YCSA National board to grow and improve the National Classic so participants can develop new skills and improve on others such as public speaking, judging and showmanship. It also allows Simmental youth to showcase their cattle, both purebred and commercial, while creating lifelong friendships and memories.
The YCSA Board of Director is always looking for new ways to engage their members and attract other youth in the agriculture sector and is currently initiating the beginning of a Leadership Conference. The event will be held throughout Canada, rotating throughout the provinces. During this conference, individuals will entail motivational and educational speakers, with workshops, as well as providing networking opportunities for all youth. We are very excited to offer a new event so stay tuned for more details!
Thank you to the T Bar C Invitational and its supporters. Your generous and constant support allows the YCSA to offer great opportunities for our members and expand our platform to create better leaders.

Kind Regards,
Sophie Wotten
YCSA President

Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

            My name is Vanessa Sheppard and this is my last year serving as president on both the Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association and the Alberta Association. This year we have received an offer letter from your establishment, and in turn I hope this letter convinces you that the CJSA is a worthy cause for funding. As some of you may know this year the CJSA has finally named our annual national competition. Juniors from all over Canada submitted ideas and we opened a survey our national competition earned the name Shorthorn Shootout. This name I believe instills feelings of both nostalgia and competitive drive, two factors that dominate a successful beef program.
For example the “Shootout” part of the title makes me think back to the old western movies with long cattle drives and having to really know your herd so that you could find them on horseback. You had to know the land and trust the weather because we didn’t have 24 hour weather apps telling us when it was going to rain. We learned what the cattle market was like when we got to town not by listening to sales over the internet. Many of these factors over zealously portrayed by Hollywood still hold some truth today. Every good cattleman (and cattlewoman) knows the ins and outs of their herd, “stay away from that pink tagged cow she gets feisty after she calves”*, or “the steers haven’t come up for water yet, better go check if a wire is down”*. Hollywood also portrayed what a tight knit community cattle folk are which is still very much apparent today, especially in the junior programs. I can safely say I have met wonderful junior breeders from all over this country simply by attending national competitions in the past. But these juniors are not just friends; we are a community and a family. Thanks to current technology like Facebook we can immediately update each other on things such as calving, new ideas, feed, show supplies, or ask questions about different beef programs, which I have found to be a very valuable asset.
Now for the competitive part of “Shootout”, competition drives young people to achieve the best of the best. To reach as high as we can and shoot even further. It creates a wonder for peewee members looking up at seniors, a wonder that I myself as a senior member am still trying to fill. Without competition there would be no development, no progress, no innovation, and that in today’s world would simply not do. I have been so impressed over the years of all ages of juniors being fierce competitors in the ring and the best of friends at the same time. So many juniors have not received the banner but still whooped and hollered with joy that someone they knew did, and then vow to work harder next season. Competition motivates us, pushes us, and molds us into champion showmen and top tier cattlemen.
This year Shorthorn Shootout will be hosted by the Alberta Junior Association in Red Deer. The funding received from your organization will go to the competition in routes of; compensation of travel (to help those out of province to make the journey), and helping to cover additional costs of putting on a show of this magnitude. As well as outside the show it will aid in communications, and scholarships. I urge you to please assist us as you have so generously done in the past, in making Shorthorn Shootout, and the workings of the entire association, possible this year and to keep the very morals and ideas exemplified in our name instilled on generations to come. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Vanessa Sheppard
President CJSA
President AJSA

Canadian Junior Angus Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

First of all, on behalf of our organization and its membership, I would like to extend a thank you for your past support and sponsorship. We have accepted cheques for several years now from the proceeds of the T Bar Invitational golf tournament, but I am not sure that we have ever shown our appreciation in writing, so to you and everyone else at T Bar, thank you! This particular sponsorship has become an asset to our usual events, scholarship program and all other CJAA activities on an annual basis, it has become a large building block in our budgeting and planning as I’m sure it has for many of our fellow youth organizations.
The CJAA has developed two major events over the last 15-20 years that are held annually. Showdown is our national junior Angus show, held every July and hosted in a new location every year moving across the country. GOAL (Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders) conference is an educational conference that takes place on Family Day long weekend every February. GOAL has been hosted in several different locations since its initiation 10 years ago, however it has been a more stationary event that often stays in one city or province for 2-3 years consecutively, taking advantage of larger centers for speakers, airports and all other logistical items. GOAL consists of speakers and events that represent primarily the beef industry, however we have had additional educational items such as succession planning workshops, motivational speakers and etiquette courses as well. The majority of the proceeds we receive from the T Bar Invitational are put towards the GOAL conference. The CJAA board of directors uses that funding mostly for items such as Speakers, workshops and facilities. We have always considered GOAL as an educational experience, however we took that to a new level in 2016. While we were in Ottawa one of our key note speakers was a representative from McDonalds, Sustainable Beef pilot project. This was very fitting as we were also working on a short video to submit to the McDonalds, “Youth Video Competition” with reference to Sustainable Beef in Canada. The CJAA took advantage of so many members together in one place that weekend and with the aid of videos and pictures taken at the homes of many CJAA members we produced a short 5 minute video that went on to win the entire competition and the CJAA was rewarded with a $5,000 first place cheque.
In addition to our two major events the CJAA also provides a competitive scholarship program that is competed for through an application process, as well as travel bursaries to GOAL and Showdown. All of these items are funded by a few important sources, Canadian Angus breeders and Industry supporters who choose to sponsor our organization, the CJAA donation heifer program, CJAA Calendar auction, Canadian Angus Foundation and of course the T Bar Invitational. With that information provided, please accept my most sincere thank you on behalf of the Canadian Junior Angus Association board of directors and its membership, for your past support as well as any future support that you may consider us for.

Chad Lorenz
Canadian Junior Angus Association President

Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

I would like to extend a sincere ‘thank you’ on behalf of all the members of the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association, for organizing the T Bar C Golf Challenge, a great fundraising event for juniors in Canadian breed associations. We greatly appreciate your donation as it goes toward funding the Junior Show at Canadian Western Agribition as well guest speakers and various other junior events. Your donation also goes towards promotion of the Gelbvieh breed and Educating youth about Gelbvieh cattle. Getting youth involved in beef cattle is key for the industry's future, and what your donation does, is just that - it helps to jumpstart the opportunities for youth like myself, to get involved in such an incredibly interesting and challenging industry that is ever changing. Your donation helps make dreams come true, so once again on behalf of the Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association, I would just like to say ‘thank you’.

Dylan Thackeray
President Canadian Junior Gelbvieh Association