Spotlight on the Junior Associations

Canadian Junior Angus Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

On behalf of the Canadian Junior Angus Association, I would like to thank you for your continued support and sponsorship. The proceeds from the T Bar Invitational golf tournament have greatly impacted the opportunities available to juniors within our association.
The two main events that the CJAA offers annually are GOAL Conference and Showdown. Showdown is our national junior livestock show held each July. GOAL Conference takes place every February and changes location each year. GOAL stands for “Guiding Outstanding Young Leaders”, and the event focuses on educational topics. In the past, we have had speakers communicate knowledge about nutrition, reproduction, genomics, marketing, and succession planning. Typically, juniors also hear from motivational speakers and take part in fun activities. Some highlights over the last couple of years include touring the Parliament buildings, skating on the Rideau Canal, a hypnotist show, and taking in the West Edmonton Mall. Many of the youth who attend the conference leave with new friends which they would not have otherwise met. The majority of the proceeds we receive from the T Bar Invitational are put towards GOAL Conference and fund speakers, workshops, and facilities.
The CJAA also provides a scholarship program and travel bursaries to attend Showdown and GOAL Conference as well as two international exchanges with the Junior Associations in the States. We are able to fund these opportunities through sponsors, the CJAA donation heifer Dutch auction, the CJAA calendar fundraiser, the Canadian Angus Foundation, and the T Bar Invitational. Without this support, we would not be able to provide these great opportunities for young Angus breeders. Thank you once again on behalf of the CJAA board of directors and our membership for the support you have provided to us. It is greatly appreciated.

Raina Syrnyk, President
Canadian Junior Angus Association

Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

On behalf of the Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association, we would like to thank you for your past support. We have benefitted for several years now from the proceeds of the T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament. Your donation has assisted with our junior show and our scholarship program on a yearly basis. We are very grateful for your support.
Our Annual National Show, "Shorthorn Shootout", continues to benefit from your generous onation and this year it will be held in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, July 27-30. Like always, this is a wonderful opportunity for junior members from across the country to meet and compete and enjoy the time spent with new and old friends. As this is a huge endeavor, your donation will go a long way in helping with the costs of putting on such an event. As well, the CJSA also provides a scholarship program that is competed for through an application process and the proceeds from the T Bar C Invitational Golf Tournament help to make this possible. Thank you again for your continued investment in youth livestock programming.

Royce Moellenbeck,
President Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association

Canadian Charolais Youth Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

On behalf of the Canadian Charolais Youth Association, we’d like to thank T Bar C for your generous donations to our youth from the Annual T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament.  We appreciate your support of our breed and the development of our youth.  The generous donations from those in the cattle industry, and other individuals who participate and support youth through the golf tournament is greatly appreciated. 
Each year, the money we receive from T Bar goes toward a variety of programs and incentives for our members.  Some of these programs include the genetics program, which is run by our National Board and allows members to apply for free semen to AI their cows or heifers to.  The CCYA provides first year member rebates as an incentive for new members joining our association, and this money is largely supplied by our donations from the T Bar Invitational. 
The CCYA hosts an annual conference and show each year, rotating between Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  There are approximately 60 youth members that attend the conference annually.  This year our conference will be held August 2-5 in Barrie, Ontario.  The donations received from the T Bar Invitational help support our youth and make it possible to host a successful conference year after year. 
We also provide several scholarship opportunities to our youth members.  Senior members are eligible to apply for a leadership scholarship, which is awarded to a member who shows outstanding leadership skills.  The Education Award is another scholarship awarded to a senior member who excels in their performance during the conference, and is a tabulation of points from a variety of events throughout the conference.  Our annual essay competition awards youth from each age group with prize money for writing an essay and submitting it prior to the conference each year. 
We appreciate the support from the T Bar Invitational in making this funding and support possible for our youth.

Shae-Lynn Evans
The Canadian Charolais Youth Association

Canadian Junior Simmental Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

The Young Canadian Simmental Association (YCSA) is one of the most prominent youth development programs offered across Canada. The YCSA allows youth to network, develop skills, as well as become stronger advocates for the agriculture industry. With this being said, the YCSA program would not be made possible without the continuous support of sponsors and donors such as the T Bar Invitational.
The YCSA National Classic Show is held every year and rotates from province to province and is the highlight of the year for YCSA members. The funds provided by the tournament allow the YCSA National board to grow and improve the National Classic so participants can develop new skills and improve on others such as public speaking, judging and showmanship. It also allows Simmental youth to showcase their cattle, both purebred and commercial, while creating lifelong friendships and memories.
New for 2017 was the YCSA Leadership Conference. The newly formed conference gave YCSA members a chance to network with fellow young producers and learn from experienced industry professionals. The underlying theme this year was beef and agriculture advocacy. The presentations and tours gave participants a chance to engage in conversation on real issues effecting the beef industry. The conference incorporated tours of the Cattleland feedlot and Beef Center of Excellence, as well as motivation and skill building workshops.
The inaugural conference was well received and it would not have been such an enormous success without our great sponsors, including the title sponsorship from the T Bar Invitational.
A sincere thank you to the T Bar Invitational for all your support over the past years. Your generous and constant support has allowed the YCSA to offer great opportunities for our members and expand our platform to create better leaders.
Kind Regards,

Dylan Foley YCSA President

Canadian Junior Hereford Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

The Canadian Junior Hereford Association would like to send a sincere thank-you to the T Bar C Staff and the T Bar Invitational Organizing Committee for their commitment and dedication to all junior programs across Canada. The T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament has donated over $100,000 to the CJHA and we are very thankful for their generosity over the past nine years.
The T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament has allowed the CJHA to offer various programs and projects for our membership over the years as well as allow us to start new programs. Each year the CJHA National Council gets together in Calgary, the T Bar Invitational has allowed us to add an educational portion onto the weekend. The National Council gets together to create new programs and projects for our junior membership, as well as improve the projects we already have in existence. In the past, the Invitational has allowed our CJHA Executive to travel to the World Hereford Conference and the Junior National Hereford Expo in the United States.Because of the T Bar Invitational, this year the CJHA has had the privilege of creating an exchange program with the United Kingdom. We will be sending two juniors to the UK in August to broaden our connection with international junior programs. We look forward to hearing of the experience that these juniors endeavour, and we thank the T Bar crew for allowing for this amazing opportunity.
The CJHA hosts the largest National Junior Show in Canada each year called “Bonanza.” Our National Junior Hereford Show this year will be held in Abbotsford, BC from July 17th to 21st, 2017. The T Bar Invitational has allowed us to add more events to the show and provide an enjoyable week for all juniors that attend. Because of you, youth from across Canada are connecting and creating friendships across the country while doing something they love, showing cattle. We are thrilled to see the excitement and dedication that our juniors have towards the Hereford breed, and the enthusiasm at this event. For this, we thank you.
The continuous dedication, support and encouragementtowards the junior program from the T Bar Crew has helped create the love I have for the CJHA today and their enthusiasm makes me want to continue to pass my knowledge onto fellow junior members. The CJHA has given me endless opportunities that I will reminisce and cherish forever and I thank the T Bar Invitational for that.
Your support towards the CJHA and all junior associations across Canada can often be taken for granted or gone unseen. On behalf of the CJHA Membership, I would like to send you a heartfelt thank-you for your generous donations over the past nine years. Without you, the CJHA would not be the association it is today.

Samantha Rimke, President
Canadian Junior Hereford Association

Canadian Junior Limousin Association

T Bar C Cattle Co.,

The T Bar Invitational Golf Tournament donates thousands of dollars each year to the Canadian Junior Limousin Association (CJLA) which greatly benefits our juniors.
We award both scholarships and trips to our Limousin juniors. There are four scholarships juniors can apply for, totalling $1,500. Scholarship recipients submit a short essay in response to a question about their involvement in the Limousin breed.  The funds donated to us also assist in sending two juniors on the Australian/Canadian Junior Limousin Exchange by giving them each $1,000. It is a month long exchange to Australia, where participants have the opportunity to stay with a host family, meet new people within the Limousin breed and take part in shows. We also use the donated funds to give $300 to each CJLA board member who attends the Canadian Junior Limousin Impact Show and CJLA Annual General Meeting.
Last year we were also able to send one junior member on an all expense paid trip to the Inaugural Canadian Beef Industry Conference in Calgary. This was very exciting to have a junior member representing the Limousin breed at this event.
We are grateful for the donation we receive from the T Bar Invitation Golf Tournament. It allows us to award our hard working juniors scholarships, trips and conferences. Thank you for your investment in the future of the cattle industry.

Laura Ecklund
Coordinator , Canadian Junior Limousin Association