- Past Female Sales -

Canadian Western Agribition, Agribition 48th Annual Simmental Sale

November 21, 2018, Regina, SK

SVS BLK Satin 783E

Sold to Rusylvia Cattle Co.


December 6, 2018, Moose Jaw, SK

SVS/Rust Kananaskis 676D

Sold to Libke Ranch

SVS Blk Honey 739E

Sold to Northern Lights Simmentals

SVS Detroit 725E

Sold to Packett Bros.

SVS Farrah 777E

Sold to Deer Range Farm

Sunny Valley Blk Diva 85E

Sold to Tri-K Cattle

Sunny Valley Ellie 93E

Sold to Tri-K Cattle

Border City Simmental Sale

December 10, 2018, Lloydminster, SK

SVS Blk Jenna 717E

Sold to Westman Farms & WJ Land and Cattle

SVS Tessa 741E

Sold to Anchor Lazy U

SVS Abigale 746E

Sold to McIntosh Livestock

SVS Red Sara 704E

Sold to Deeg Simmentals

Sunny Valley Flirt 206E

Sold to KT Ranch & Harvie Crest

Sunny Valley Coral 10E

Sold to Hoegl Livestock

Friday Night Lights 7th Annual Simmental Sale

December 14, 2018, Olds, AB

SVS Soda Pop 788E

Sold to KT Ranch & Harvie Crest

SVS Red Jenna 879F

Sold to Muirhead Cattle Co.

SVS/Rust Honey Bee 874F

Sold to WJ Simmentals

SVS Red Linne 807F

Sold to Westway Farms

SVS Black Lady 827F

Sold to Prairie Sky

The Cobra Event

Friday, August 10, 2018 Olds, Alberta

Sunny Valley Payton 77E

Sold to Ultra Livestock/Fraser

SVS Fortune 802F

Sold to Northern Lights Simmentals

Canadian Western Agribition Simmental Sale - 50 for 50 Edition

November 23, 2017 Regina, Saskatchewan

Simmsational 40th Anniversary Simmental Sale

December 7, 2017 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Friday Night Lights 6th Annual Simmental Sale

December, December 15, 2017, Olds, AB.

Agribition Sale

November 23, 2016 - Regina, SK

Simmsational 40th Anniversary Simmental Sale

December 8, 2016 - Moose Jaw, SK

Friday Night Lights Sale

December 16, 2016 - Olds AB

Fall Fusion Sale

November 4, 2016 - Lloydminster, SK