We are proud to say that Roselawn Farms has been raising Hereford cattle since 1918. Although times have changed, we still strive to produce sound, functional cattle for ourselves and our customers. We are a mixed operation grain farming 2300 acres of wheat, barley and canola and breeding approximately 150 females every year, two-thirds purebred Hereford and one-third commercial Hereford/Black Baldie cross.

We don’t have a lot of extra help on the farm so in peak times, the cattle have to do it on their own. What they do at our place, they’ll do at yours.

Be it purebred or commercial, we have cattle for sale at all times.

Your visit would be our pleasure.

Thanks for looking!


Reserve Champion Hereford Female – ROSELAWN AYWON JOY 113B 11D
Owned with Chula Vista Farms, ON