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Welcome to our website. As we calve a large number of cows we have kept a keen focus on birth weight and calving ease. The sires we have used from the Limousin, Black Angus, and Red Angus breeds are consistent in their ability to maintain calving ease. Our cows are run under real range conditions. They calve in big fields on their own with no video cameras watching over them. Consistency in calving ease for both sire and dam is important to us. No high fluctuations in birth weights are tolerated. Our cows run late into the fall and winter on stock piled grass or swath graze. The cow families that have remained have done so because of their ability to remain at a high production level in our environment. As nearly all of our sires used are walking sires. Along with the important traits of growth, performance, maternal and disposition, we have placed a great deal of emphasis on carcass quality. We have used all of our herdsires on our commercial herd and through the years fed out a number of their progeny to prove their true potential in the feedlot and in the end seeing the results of the carcass information.

With the dreaded BSE on the doorstep we have looked at some value added marketing opportunities. We have marketed a large number of our own cattle in the past 2 years on a grid based scale. It is interesting to see the results. We have bred Limousin since the early ‘70’s the reason being we liked the extra muscle. Back to my point of the results. The more hip and muscle, the more premiums meaning more dollars gained. We have fed a large number of our calves out for the Laura’s Lean program. This program has high rewards for lean high yielding cattle. Every one of our senior herd sires will have progeny graded through this program. Talk to us about it if you are interested in marketing or placing you calves in this program or any questions that you might have.

Every sire of the bulls we offer walk our pastures. We have sires that do have more performance or ­muscle some have lower birth but all have well above breed average or trait leading maternal numbers. We invite you to look the bulls over and talk to us if you need any assistance or discuss any of the bulls.

Thank you for joining us at our Limousin and Angus Bull Sale
February 23, 2023 in Saskatoon, SK

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