Cow Herd

In recent years we increased our land base with the acquisition of the Lonesome Dove T/S property along with the cowherd, plus we have retained a large group of replacement females; over the past few years our herd has steadily increased. In 2015, we bred over 900 females and grassed a large group of yearling steers and heifers.

Our cowherd is run under ranch conditions. There is no difference in how we manage our purebred or commercial groups. We expect them to calve without a camera watching over them and be able to raise that calf and return ready for another year. Again consistency in calving ease along with sound functional maternal qualities are important. The cowherd is run late into the fall and winter on stock piled grass and swath grazing. Our cowherd has evolved into moderate framed efficient producers.

Nordal Limousin
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