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Bar-H Crossfire 29C MAF First Impression 4420 DMM Shade 70B 20/20 Improvement 37A DFCC 176W Sizzler 52Y 20/20 Touchdown 20X

Bar-H Crossfire 29C

1871953 03 / 26 / 2015 AHPC 29C

   ┍ S Titlest 1145
Bar-H Crossfire 63A
   ┕ HF Tibbie 93U

   ┍ HF Bruin 96T
Bar-H Echo 97A
   ┕ BH 7N Sasha 11R


We were looking seriously for a new calving ease Bull that still has performance last spring. When Chris called us about Crossfire at Bar-H Bull Sale, we were very interested. His sire "Titalist 1145" was definitely making his name popular in the Angus breed.

We talked to Robinand he was very honest about the Bulls in his sale and their mothers. We felt confident buying Crossfire sight unseen. His pedigree is stacked with so many good cattle it's hard to focus on any one animal in it.

Crossfire 29A bred very well and his first calves come in 2017!
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MAF First Impression 4420

1936782 04 / 16 / 2014 IMP 4420B

   ┍ S A V Brilliance 8077
Dameron First Impression
   ┕ Dameron Northern Miss

   ┍ Lagrand MAF Antidote
M A F Miss Jetstream 2928
   ┕ B M Miss Jetstream 2618

Mick found First Impression as a calf in 2015 at the Denver National Stock Show. He was a mid-April calf and at 9 months old, his natural muscling and early maturity were impressive. Seeing his mother sealed the deal for us! This pedigree is new to Canada. First Impression’s sire – Dameron First Impression – was the 2012 Denver Grand Champion Angus Bull. His progeny have been dominating shows across North America. The dam of Dameron First Impression is a First Class daughter and is of the best Angus females we have ever seen – her sire Lagrande MAF Antidote 5775 has earned the respect of many cattlemen. You can find many of her progeny in championship rings across North America. With a loaded pedigree and the combination of calving ease and performance, MAF First Impression 4420 has the best of both worlds! With an 81 pound birth weight, early maturity and great carcass numbers, he is hard to overlook. His gentle disposition and ability for feed conversion make him a valuable herd bull in our program.

Australian semen rights RDM Angus And Tattykeel - Meat Sheep Studs

2016 CAA Show Bull of the Year

Lloydminster Stockade Roundup Supreme Bull

Olds Fall Classic Champion Angus Bull

Farmfair International Supreme Finalist

Agribition Reserve Senior Champion Angus Bull


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DMM Shade 70B

1785558 02 / 22 /2014 DMM 70B

   ┍ S A V Heritage 6295
DMM Stache 72Z
   ┕ DMM Miss Essence 61W

   ┍ Gumbo Gulch Creed 94S
DMM Blackcap 21W
   ┕ WILP/HAR Blackcap 1H


Shade 70B is a moderate framed, heavy muscled Herd Sire. The thickness is so natureal on him. He is sound footed and athletic.

His dam DMM Blackcap 21W is one of Miller Wilson's donor cows- she was the deciding factor when we had the opportunity to buy a share in Shade.

The first Shade calves are what wwe had visioned they would look like- awesome!
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20/20 Improvement 37A

1718154 02 / 19 / 2013 BOLD 37A

   ┍ HF Tiger 5T
SCC Tiger 15X
   ┕ SCC 4480 Pride 45M

   ┍ Basin Max 602C
South Border Lady Ann 023
   ┕ South Border Lady Ann 656S



DFCC 176W Sizzler 52Y

1611471 02 / 09 /2011 DMM 70B

   ┍ HF Hemi 151T
HF Hemi 176W 72Z
   ┕ DHF Echo 7S

   ┍ LLB Fullback 810
CFS Queenette 3T
   ┕ Sandy Bar Quenette 404J


The Dam to 37A is a beautiful cow with a perfect udder, and one of Micks favorites at 20/20. Based on the mother and the projected calving ease, Mick bought this gentle giant sight unseen. When Owen delivered the bull we were very impressed with him, and we are excited about his progeny and what they have to offer.
Sizzler came out of Kelly & Angie Feige's Bull Sale. He was Sr. Calf Champion at 2011 Stockade Roundup. His sire, HR Hemi 176W, was Supreme Champion at St. Albert and Reserve Champion Show Bull of the Year. Sizzler is a power bull. Doub;e F has sold several high selling bulls out of the Queenette 3T cow.

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20/20 Touchdown 20X

1549805 02/05/2010 BOLD 20X

   ┍ Young Dale Touchdown 36M
SCC Touchdown 57T
   ┕ SCC 7K Quality 116M

   ┍ Jancliff Frontier 14R
20/20 Miss Frontier 44T
   ┕ Just-Rock 3101C Quinette 312N


Touchdown 20X was Grand Champion at the 2011 Pride of the Prairies Bull Sale when we selected him out of 20/20's sale string.

Touchdown's birthweights are moderate and his gestation is short making him ideal to use of heifers.

Touchdown's muscle pattern and soundness impresses us as much today as it did the day we bought him.

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