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MJT Bulls are raised with the basics in mind. Basics are what have made the Hereford and Angus breeds attractive for generations.

Raising Right

We decided a long time ago that we didn’t want to produce just numbers to sell. At MJT, we want to raise sound, economical, high performance traits without sacrificing birth weights or milk.

Our cows can wean a calf crop under almost any conditions.


We feel our commitment to this should help you, the rancher, produce predictable and profitable cattle from MJT genetics.

MJT cattle are sold with a 100% guarantee and we strive to be number 1 on service.

We know sometimes things can go wrong with bulls and if you have trouble we want to be the first to know.

MJT isn’t in this for the short haul. We have been in the “Bull” business for many years and this is our 23rd sale at home.

We know good cattle can sell themselves and we try to offer a good selection of bulls that are affordable to the budget of the rancher.

We consider it a privilege to have our bulls working in so many ranchers’ programs.

Confidence in Quality

MJT is confident in our bulls and we know there is no substitute for quality. MJT Bulls are not pampered. They are raised right from the beginning to stay sound and athletic and to go to work for the rancher.

0% of MJT sale bulls have their feet trimmed and we consider one Herd Bull battery to be the best genetics available.

The most significant concern of any rancher is the profit he makes from his cows. We feel that having kept the basics of the cattle business in mind our genetics should produce cattle that can put profit in your jeans. MJT has many options to buy your bulls – in person, on line with DLMS or on the phone with us or one of our sale staff.

We do have a sight unseen option as well and if you are not happy with your purchase when the Bull is delivered you are not required to purchase it.

The majority of our cows calve out on grass, on their own with minimal supervision. Our cow herd is young and we don’t make any exceptions or excuses for them.

Our philosophy is the same for every animal in the sale and each one carries the same 100% guarantee. We stake our reputation on selling cattle that work.

Family & Friends

We sincerely thank the ranchers who have supported our past sales. You are integral to our progress and our program.

We have worked to build a reputation for ourselves and our cattle and we continue to challenge ourselves to do better.

There are always ups and downs in this business, but there is one thing that never changes – the many ranchers and their families we have had the privilege to get to know and call our friends.

We would be happy to show you the bulls and cows anytime.
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