Kuntz Simmental Farm is based around an extensive AI breeding program. Over half of our cattle herd is AI'ed annually. We breed our cows to bulls that are going to consistently sire calves with lots of performance and moderated frame score. That means they have to be easy fleshing calves with depth of body and lots of muscle mass. The bulls we select have to be functionally sound, with large testicles and a balanced set of EPD's. We put great emphasis on fleshing ease and maternal traits while making sure our birth weights and calving ease are at an acceptable level.

Our cows are thick, easy keeping cows that hold their flesh while weaning off thick, heavy calves. They are sound, feminine females who have a moderated frame size and don't require a lot of maintenance. We cull hard on udder quality and milking ability. They must have tidy, well-attached udders with small evenly spaced teats and produce enough milk to wean off those heavy, beefy calves.

We strive to produce a thick, loose hided pen of bulls that are easy keeping, moderate in frame, and sound in structure. They must be quiet, good tempered bulls with lots of hair and have the color pattern you want. All of our bulls are sold in the 18th annual Kuntz - McIntosh - SAJ Simmental Bull Sale which is held in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on the first Saturday in April. All bulls are semen tested, guaranteed, and delivered when you need them. For more information click on the appropriate link or contact us by phone or by email.