Our Program

We strive to produce sound genetics that will perform above average in the commercial setting! Artificial insemination is the cornerstone of our breeding program and we invest a great deal of time in selecting the best bulls for our herd. Our enthusiasm for being in the seedstock business is gathered from the realization that every animal can be improved no matter how good they may be and we take great pride in producing top quality animals. We use proven bulls and select on the basis of phenotype and expected progeny differences (EPDs). Each female in our herd is matched to a specific bull to enhance performance, structure, and stature. Although, we have a small herd it is not uncommon for us to use as many as 10 different sires in a given breeding season. We do not look for the most exclusive or rare genetics. We look for what will improve our herd. We believe that most commercial producers still expect calving ease from Red Angus cattle so we always select with an eye to birth weight. Weaning weight, yearling weight and milk also top our list of selection criteria. Most of our customers still get paid on the basis of pounds of weaned calf and they expect their cows to raise these calves on their own without additional feed. Many cow-calf producers are now paying attention to carcass traits to improve the quality and value of the end-product so we also try to blend the top carcass genetics into our herd without sacrificing on performance in the other traits. Most cattle producers are proud of their cattle and love to show them off. Don’t forget, eye appeal is also important to buyers. Straight top-lines, full hind quarters, deep bodies are selected for and, of course, sound feet and udders are a must. We target a frame score of ‘6’ – not too big; not too small! We are busy people so our herd must be trouble free. Cow and heifers must calve and mother up on their own. We have no tolerance for poor mothering or bad dispositions – life is too short to be wasted on those cattle. We intend to be around for awhile and we hope to meet your needs.

We welcome any feedback you may have.

"Bringing You the Best Our Breed has to Offer"