Thank you

We would like to thank all of our 2018 buyers many of whom have bought from us through the past several years!!


We have expanded again! This time in both land base and cattle numbers. We were fortunate to purchase several more acres of land in a single parcel and have seeded it to grass. It is now all fenced with a new set of handling corrals. We also purchased another parcel closer to the yard that will help us provide feed for the herd.

Breeding Program

We have started a crossbreeding program! We have always appreciated the benefits that hybrid vigor can provide and have long admired the performance of Simmental cattle. Through AI we bred a few good cows to a popular Fleckvieh bull, Champs Bravo, and have a couple of nice heifers and some crossbred bulls. We liked the birthweight, frame size and maternal attributes of this bull and are pleased with the outcome. We have been developing a commercial heifer producing business that has been very successful. In time, we hope to offer some ¾ Angus – ¼ Simmental commercial. We will also see where the crossbred bull thing goes; especially, with a view towards performance and calf crop uniformity. Purebred Red Angus will remain as our main focus and we intend to continue to utilize high quality herd and AI bulls to meet the needs of our customers.


"Bringing You the Best Our Breed has to Offer"

Dr. Colin Palmer, DVM, Kim Palmer & Family


RR # 5, Site 502, Box 39
Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J8