Angus Herdsires

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Justamere Sudden Look 117D

C&C On Cue 6022

EXAR McKinley 896

EXAR Sudden Impact 1537

Justamere Cash In 461A

Justamere South Dakota 833C

Justamere M.A.G.A. 105D

EXAR Fortify 1447B

74-51 Sudden Look 1023

Justamere 101 Justified 620B

Justamere Full Throttle 486A

EXAR Reputation 3508B

Justamere 1447 Thunder 617B

101 Mastermind 645B

EXAR Lutton 0409B

Sankeys Justified 101

Sankeys Watchman 7020 OF H C

EXAR Next Level 7679B