Client Testimonials

  • I purchased SCOTCH POWERED UP aka Nazareth in the spring. I compete in cowboy mounted shooting, and it was time to find another shooting partner. I messaged Carol exactly what i was looking for in a horse. She was very diligent in returning my messages and sent me pictures and info on what would be a great match to what I was looking for in a horse. We made the 4 hour ride up to Haight Ranch and found my boy! This 3 year old beautiful soul, only had 30 days on him in the fall and was put out for the winter. I brought him home and immediately started working with him. He took on everything with ease, so I got on and rode him with only a halter. He is not only gorgeous but is willing and has great temperament. If we are ever in the market for another horse, this is the first place we will go. "

    Kristin Wiens

    Dashing Santana is really turning into a nice ranch horse for me, I only rode him 3 or 4 times in the 2 weeks after I bought him and then he was turned out until calving season started. Getting on him in February after 4 months off he was the same as the last ride in September. Please pass along my compliments to the man who started him. He didn't leave any "holes" in his training. "

    JD Vukonich

    "My name is Greg Kerr and I wanted to let you know we own a mare bred by you out of Cook n Oak and Showdown Zeelana. Unknown to us when we purchased her here in New Mexico that she was cowhorse and barrel racer bred, but let me tell you my daughter is doing youth rodeos and winning big time! She is running poles and barrels and I don't think she can be beat when rode right. She can turn as fast as she can run which is very uncommon. I have also used her on the ranch she has a lot of cow you could easily win at any cutting competitions. I just thought you would like to hear about this about this magic horse you have created. Maybe someday you will see her at the NFR! "

    Greg Kerr
  • "I purchased Im Sugar Power, aka Jessie, from a woman here in Montana as a three year old. She had a total of 10 rides put on her in the summer when she was two and I bought her in February. When I got her back to the barn, I threw a saddle on her and we rode off never missing a beat. This mare has the most amazing mind; she learns quickly and never forgets. She is so willing to please and will do anything you ask of her. I have taken her into the mountains, chased cows, entered and placed in many local shows, and she is currently being patterned for a career in barrel racing. Did I mention she is also gorgeous?! She is correct, has great bone, hard feet, a huge hip, and a soft kind eye. It is this mix of brains and beauty that make an exceptional horse. The Haight's are breeding some of the best in the business. Jessie was my first from their herd but certainly not the last. My next colt will come from their pasture, guaranteed."

    Kimberly Anderson
  • "When I started looking for a prospect I had no idea where to start. Luckily I came across Haight Ranch and I have not looked back. They had everything I was looking for - from good minds to conformation and so much more! I was able to choose from two yearling geldings and my "Secret Boy" just stood out. He is the best minded boy I've owned. I highly recommend Haight Ranch for any type of horse that anyone is looking for. I absolutely love my gelding sired by Profit Power and out of San Kitty Lynx. He will not leave my pasture, as has earned his home with me for a lifetime. He is turning out to be an excellent barrel horse!"

    Melissa Chodyka
  • "I can't believe this horse - she is so awesome. You cannot train that into a horse, she has such a great mind."

    Donna Allen
  • "Love her... easy to break, easy to work with. Can leave her for a month and pick up training right where I've left off. Would take a thousand more like her if I had the room"

    Donna Allen
  • "For years I had dreamt about one day breeding my absolute favorite mare. When the time came I instantly knew I would be headed to the Haight Ranch to fulfill that dream. The combination of their outstanding reputation and selection of stallions I knew they would not disappoint. I needed a stallion with the conformation, disposition and athletic ability to perfectly compliment my mare. So no wonder I chose Royal account. I wanted the whole package and he sure had it. It was a wonderful experience that I get to relive everyday through my beautiful colt and I will continue to enjoy for years to come!"

    Jenean Beskal
  • "Over the past couple of years I have had the privilege of working with Dale and Carol and their horses at Haight Ranch. Whether it be teaching at their arena, starting colts or just riding together the memories have been consistent - great people, great horses, great times! After working with many of their young horses it was hard not to notice how talented and trainable they were so I knew I had to have one of my own! I'm am now the proud owner of HR SMOOTH POWER and I appreciate his style and grace when it comes to training. He is the complete package with his good looks, good movement and willingness to work!"

    Heather Barzeele
  • I bought 2 horses from Dale and Carol last summer. I really liked the way they were bred and when I finally made the trip up north from the USA I was defiantly not disappointed in their conformation or their disposition. Dale and Carol where very accommodating in letting my husband and I spend the night at their house as well as getting the horses their shots and paperwork together to be able to cross the border. I’m very pleased with the horses I bought and plan on buying more in the future.

    Sara McPhee
  • I bought a horse from you guys awhile back by the name of Cookin Lennie Lynx, as a weanling. I just wanted to let you guys know he's probably the best horse we have ever owned and that came through our training program. I have never had a horse as talented, quiet and easy to get along with. That horse will let a beginner walk a barrel pattern right after I run him! He is a superior ranch horse along with he is making an awesome barrel horse down here! Everybody who sees him loves him and wants him! I love the horse and just wanted to let you guys know how great your breeding program is!

    Tara Welborn from Huntley, Montana

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