I grew up on a farm in the northern edge of the Alps in the small farm village of Kaufdorf, in the Kanton of Bern, just 10 miles south of the capital city of Bern, Switzerland. We always had Bernese Mountain dogs; our neighbor raised purebreds. Being a huge animal lover, I got a job hauling milk pulled by a dog to the cheese factory. Over the years, I had three different Bernese Mountain dogs that I did the job with, before I left home.

About Us

My husband Georges and I emigrated from Switzerland in 1995. We have two daughters and a son. When we emigrated, our girls were four and two. Our son was born in Stettler, Alberta. We raise Charolais cattle in the Erskine area.


It has always been in my thoughts to own a Bernese Mountain dog again. A few years ago, I started looking into it. I decided to go back to the place where the dog originated, Switzerland. After many hours on the Internet and numerous phone calls to Switzerland, I headed over there in June 2009.

I found a couple who have been breeding Bernese for 30 years. When I saw the mother of the puppies, I could tell she was a strong, nice female with an awesome temperament. I chose one of the female puppies, that is how we got our Wilma. She is a fun loving, easy going, all around great dog.

I went back to Switzerland in September 2010 and went to the National Show of Bernese Mountain dogs. There I met Sandra Berger of the Farm and Kennel of Scheimatthof. She owned three males that I wanted to look at. Eventually she sold me her youngest male and that is how we got our Keytano vom Stieracker. At the beginning of November 2010, at 17 months, he came to live with us. He has adjusted to our family very well. We showed him in the spring of 2011 and he got his championship in two weekends. He is a good looking, gentle, well-behaved dog.