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Welcome to Mantei Farms!!
We are a family owned and operated ranch located in southeast Saskatchewan along the Canada - US border midway between Regina, Saskatchewan and Minot, North Dakota.

Currently we calve approximately 185 cows of which 75% are purebred and we breed 40 - 50 heifers a year. We rotational graze our pastures which are mostly tame grass alfalfa mix but we also have some native range and some cows are pastured in the PFRA system.

I grew up on a mixed farm operation but never grew to like grain farming. So now the only farming I do is a small amount for swath grazing.

2017 marked the 25th year for the Black Harvest bull sale and also the 35 year anniversary that we have been raising purebred Angus cattle!!

For the past 35 years we have been building our herd based off of the idea of what we think Angus cattle should look like.

We aim to build bulls to have some power behind them, to be easy calvers and to wean heavy calves in the fall. We intend for these bulls to pass on only the best to their offspring......good milkers, nice udders, structurally sound, nice tidy feet.

Feel free to stop by the ranch anytime and we'll be happy to show you around!

We have 3 children, Jesse (Jason, Lila, Cooper, Easton & Nate Hale), Tyler (Elyse, Ryder, Sophie & Kiyah Mantei) and Calay (Taylor Almond). They all work off the ranch but each own some purebred cows and they lend a hand whenever they can. 2016 was a big year around here! Lots of new additions..... In the spring we welcomed a new grand-daughter, Kiyah, a new son-in-law in the summer, Taylor and in the fall our newest grandson arrived, Nate.

A new horse also joined the crew and has been put to work on a few occasions. Jesse has taken an AI course and I let her bred a few cows......time will tell how good of a student she really was she did!

June will mark the arrival of Calay and Taylor's first baby. We are all very excited! 2017 is gonna be a great year!!