Here yesterday, today, and tomorrow!  

Established in 1986 the Black Harvest group is one of Canada's longest running annual Angus sales. In the beginning it was solely an annual female sale but six years later it was agreed to add an annual bull sale. This was to be no ordinary sale though. In an effort to supply their customers with pertinent, real world information it was agreed to conduct a centralized performance test. Each ranch’s bulls would be co-mingled post weaning and collect data throughout the test. This would prove to be an interesting and valuable tool to identify the ones who excel from those who don't. Never intended to be a feeding competition, the bulls are on a modest, high roughage ration. Geared for a three pound daily gain over a long 112 day test mimics what their steer counterparts would face only at a stepped down, less hot ration. Those bulls failing to meet the predetermined gain index are discarded. Only moving forward with the absolute top cut.

Beyond the performance test several other selection tools are made available. This includes all actual weights, adjusted weights, indexes, expected progeny differences (epd's), carcass data, semen scores and scrotal measurements. In short, if it has economic value, we try to make it available to our customers.

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the long standing Black Harvest bull sale. Not a lot has changed in terms of the goals outlined in those early years. Customer satisfaction, honesty and transparency of information are still of paramount value.