Benchmark Angus is a third generation ranch that has been striving to breed Angus cattle that will meet the needs of the commercial cattleman since 1960. Stanley Munton, with son Douglas, started raising purebred Angus cattle in 1960 and Doug and son Michael now carry the torch. In 2000, Doug and Mike purchased the Morton Ranch, west of Warner, on the Milk River Ridge. The ranch, comprised of over 8,000 acres, is true cattle country.

Today the purebred breeding herd numbers approximately 300 black cows and 120 red cows. Very few purebred females are ever sold. The top end heifers each year go back into the cow herd.

Benchmark Angus has forged to the forefront of the Canadian Angus scene breeding the very top carcass cattle in all the land. Our cows are managed the same as any good commercial cow herd. The calves are not creep fed being raised on good short Southern Alberta grass and momma's milk.

Accommodating our customers' needs is our top priority, and we will leave no stone unturned to provide bulls that carry traits of economic importance.

The first Monday in April is Spring Sale Day, with Benchmark yearling bulls selling.

The 30th of November is Fall Sale Day with 35 fall born bulls selling along with a select group of bred and open heifers.

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