The History of
Your Carcass Source

Our History

Alcan Angus Was Founded By Doug Munton

Angus cattle have been a part of the Munton family all our lives. I purchased my first Black Angus female in 1960 from Coalbridge Farms of Coaldale and became a student of breeding registered purebred Angus cattle tutored by Alex Sera of Coalbridge. After graduating from high school, I spent time articling obtaining my Chartered Accountant designation in 1972. After two years as controller of College Mercury Ford Sales and five years as general manager of Kanegawa Farms I went into public practice operating Munton & Co. Chartered Accountants. Over the course of these years, I continued breeding and raising purebred Black Angus cattle under the herd name Alcan Angus. Baros of Alcan Angus 40'73 was Champion Angus Bull at the Calgary Bull Sale and his genetics are prevalent today in such bulls as Cudlobe Stemwinder, GDAR Oscar 711, all the Crackerjacks and many, many more.

Mike Munton comes Home and Benchmark Angus is Born

Upon my son Michael graduating from Oklahoma State we formed Benchmark Angus. Benchmark has been building its Angus cow herd on primarily leased property since it began in 1990. From the beginning, we have sought out the best in acquiring seedstock, bulls and females. Over the years we have aquired both the Magic Man and Fortune bulls from Ebon Hill along with a select group of females. Other females in the formative years were acquired from Southolm, Loma Lanes and Allencroft. Bulls were bought from Quenton Stevick, Happyvale and Loma Lanes. We always paid particular attention to quality genetics. More recently we have aquired bulls from Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas.

The Present Cow Herd

Today, the cow herd numbers 300 Black Angus cows and 120 Red Angus cows. With the numbers growing and Michael's intent to raise Angus cattle, we embarked on a search for a ranch that we felt would fit the bill. The spring of 2000 saw us take ownership of the "Morton Ranch" west of Warner, Alberta situated on the Milk River Ridge. Our entire family was more than excited about this new home for our cattle. Upon moving to Warner we embarked upon a mission of developing a herd of cattle that were profitable and that in turn would generate extra profit for our bull customers. We are proud of our cattle and proud that we can be considreed "Your Carcass Source".

Day To Day Ranch Operations

Our herdsman Dale Fehr, comes to us with extensive ranch and feedlot experience. He is an irreplaceable part of the Benchmark family. In the summer, you will find Dale on horseback checking cows and other day to day cattle ranching activities. Dale also breaks and trains horses to be ranch ready. If you would like to inquire about having Dale train your horse, send us an e-mail through the guest book. We welcome Dale and his family to our program and are proud to have him working along side us in the purebred cattle industry.

Benchmark, Here To Stay

As you can see we are into breeding Angus cattle for the long haul. We've been breeding them since 1960, yet it seems, we've just begun. Stay tuned we have some exciting developments coming soon.

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