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Black Herd Sires

G A R Efficiency 7295
Sire: S S Objective T510 0T26
Dam: G A R Enhancer G1138

Triara Made To Order 366Y

Sire: Sitz Upward 307R
Dam: RBF Rita 6A98 4TV7 2A63

Benchmark Predestined 8301

Sire: G A R Predestined
Dam: G A R T510 Traveler 264

G A R Daybreak 6860

Sire: MCC Daybreak
Dam: G A R Objective 277L

G A R Prophet A011

Sire: G A R Prophet
Dam: G A R New Design 3064

Benchmark Midland 753

Sire: BR Midland
Dam: PF 104 Ruth 3131

G A R Baseline AB297

Sire: G A R New Design 5050
Dam: G A R Objective 648S

G A R End Point 5122

Sire: B/R Destination 727-928
Dam: G A R 28 Ambush 1949

G A R Innovation 3002G

Sire: SydGen Trust 6228
Dam: Goode Mandate 1751

Benchmark Micah 247'13

Sire: G A R Prophet
Dam: G A R Complete 1381

Red Herd Sires

Red Basin EXT 45T5

Sire: Basin EXT 5233
Dam: Basin Rose 710P

LSF Mew Game Changer 1613Y

Sire: 3JG-Mew Gridiron 806U
Dam: Mew Elizabeth710T

Red LSF RAB Commitment 2792Z

Sire: Brown Commitment S7206
Dam: Red Brown Ms Makin Hay W7901

Red Benchmark Better Beef

Sire: Red Basin EXT 45 T5
Dam: Red Fayette of Benchmark 424

Red Dunn Better A500

Sire: Red Brown Alliance X7795
Dam: Red LSF Sweetness J1358 P4085

Red Benchmark Transition 10'14

Sire: Red LSF Mew Game Changer 1613Y
Dam: Red Benchmark Lana 60'11

LSF Mew Platinum 5660C

Sire: Brown Incredabull Z7277
Dam: Brown Ms New Standard A7053