Our 100 Year Quest
for Great Tasting Beef

Our Beef

The Benchmark Story

The Munton family has been on the quest to produce the best tasting beef for nearly 100 years.

Currently, our third generation in ranching continues the ongoing quest for the productive and efficient cattlethat are continually exceeding the industry standards and satisfying all who consume beef. The Munton family has been pursuing Angus beef genetics for the proven tenderness and far superior taste that only Premium Angus Cattle can provide

The Benchmark Commitment to our Beef Customers

  • Humane tratment of Animals
  • Our animals graze the wide open fields that make up our Ranching operation
  • Hormone-Free beef
  • We are true Environmentalists; the land is our home. We care for it, and care about it
  • Through our search we can deliver not only better cattle to market, but better beef
  • The Milk River Ridge is an area designed for cattle, native grass and huge open areas; to us cattlemen there is nothing more pristine, and nothing better to raise superior beef
  • Beef cut by a person; not a machine
  • We give the extra attention and care to your every order. No matter how large or how small, we will give out all to make your order cut to your exact specifications
  • We guarantee every orderl if it is not to your and our standards, we will replace or refund it
  • We only offer beef to you that our own families eat
  • From our family to yours, we bring you only the very best

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