Herd Sires

Red Bar-E-L Anthem 46A

Red U2 Justified 235Z

Low birth, stout and muscular herd sire with a great hair coat. Owned with U2 Ranch

Red Duralta Forward Motion 4A

Red Wheel Alliance 22U

Alliance has become a reliable ‘no nonsense’ sire. His sons are thick, hairy, full of muscle, fertile and very sound. His daughters are perfect in udder quality and very productive.

Red Bar-E-L Betdoll 8Z

Progeny of Red Wheel Alliance 22U (daughter)

Red Bar-E-L Judge 5Y

Progeny of Red Wheel Alliance 22U (son)

Red Anchor 1 Duke 177U

Duke is a calving ease sire used on heifers. We think you will like his sons; deep, easy fleshing bulls, they are a good choice to breed heifers. Owned with Deer Range Red Angus.

Red Bar E L Gambler 87X

Gambler was our high selling Red bull in 2011 to Chapman Cattle Co. He is a performance sire, very sound and full of muscle. His maternal values are highly regarded at Bar-E-L.

Red Bar-E-L Warden 144W

Warden was our high selling bull in 2010 to T Bar K and McMillan Ranching. We continue to use Warden through AI. His sons have extra muscle and rib shape. Big performance. His daughters have the brood cow look.

Red Bar-E-L Larkaba 72N

Dam of Red Bar-E-L Warden 144W

Red Bar-E-L AB Magic Mike 189Z

A full brother to the 2013 Agribition Grand Champion Female. He displays tremendous rib, bone and character we all look for in herdbulls. He features the maternal predictability displayed in the Meg cow family as well as Red Towaw Indeed 104H. Owned with Wheeler Stock Farm.

Red Bar-E-L Meg 85N

Dam of Red Bar-E-L AB Magic Mike 189Z

Red TNF Mariner 29A

Reserve Champion Olds Fall Classic, Red Round-Up Champion Bull, 2013 Agribition Senior Bull Calf Champion. This Alliance grandson is being added to the red division.

Red TNF Kassie

Dam of Red TNF Mariner 29A

Red Bar-E-L Kassie 3P

Grand Dam of Red TNF Mariner 29A

Red Crowfoot 4Aces 2193Z

4Aces is a heavy muscled bull with character and style. His sire and grand sire topped the recent Crowfoot dispersal at $42,000 and $46,000 respectively. Owned with Crowfoot.

Red Crowfoot Miss Strtch

Dam of Red Crowfoot 4Aces 2193Z

Red Bar-E-L LPH Zorro 7Z

Zorro is a son of the 2010 Denver Grand Champion Fat Tony. His is attractive made and yet he is masculine. Zorro has exceptional spring of rib, big top, great hair and scrotal development. Maybe even more important is the fact that his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother on the bottom side of his pedigree are all exceptional producers; their sons sold for an average of $9000 in our 2012 sale. Owned with Jensen Red Angus.

Red Northline Fat Tony 605U

Sire of Red Bar-E-L LPH Zorro 7Z

Red YY Red Knight 640F

Knight has proven beyond any doubt to be an exceptional sire of both males and females! He is the complete package, one of the breeds’ greats.

Red Bar-E-L Meg 85N

Progeny of Red YY Red Knight 640F

Bar-E-L Vindicated 109B

VINDICATED was the high selling bull in our 2015 Bull Sale with a half interest selling to Arda Farms. The BLACKBIRD cow family have proven to give us the maternal consistence we look for in a herd bull. VINDICATED...moving the BAR-E-L program forward!

Bar-E-L Blackbird 63U

Dam of Bar-E-L Vindicated 109B

Southland Thriller 83X

Thriller is proving his quality through his exceptional progeny. The two time Agribition Grand Champion continues to impress. His daughters are calving now; exceptional udder quality and great udders! His sons are very consistent – thick, stout throughout, sound attractive bulls with great feet and scrotal development.

Southland Belle 89R

Dam of Southland Thriller 83X

HF Smokin’ Aces 105Y

Smokin’ Aces was purchased from Hamilton Farms in 2012. We showed Smokin’ Aces that fall and he was named Reserve Grand Champion Bull. He returned in 2013 and was crowned Agribition Grand Champion Bull and Top 10 All Breeds in the RBC Beef Supreme Challenge; thought to be the pinnacle of livestock shows in Canada. It’s interesting to note that Ace’s sire, Greens Premium, won the first RBC Supreme All Breeds. It’s no fluke Smokin’ Aces has risen to the top. Smokin’ Aces has bred two seasons for us. His progeny are low birth, born easy. They are very sound, gentle temperament, with excellent scrotals. His daughters show the same style and genetic design as his mother, 26T, one of the greats at Hamilton Farms. Smokin’ Aces really stamps his progeny, both sexes. He is one of the soundest, most fault free sires we have ever owned. Owned with Hamilton Farms.

HF Erica 26T

Dam of HF Smokin’ Aces 105Y

Bar-E-L Naomi 174Z

Progeny of HF Smokin’ Aces 105Y (Daughter)

MVF Frontier 17X

Frontier has matured into a massive, deep-sided herd sire. He sired our high selling black bull in 2013. His sons are much the same – deep sided, wide based, easy fleshing cattle. His daughters are showing nice udders and milk flow. They will positive replacements for the Bar-E-L herd.

Bar-E-L Iron Will 32Y

Iron Will was our lead off bull and high seller in 2012 when half interest sold to Merit Cattle Co. for $31,000. His sons offer calving ease, performance and rib capacity. They are sound in every way with excellent scrotals. We expect his daughters to be exceptional cows. We think he is the best we have used from this line of genetics.

Tip Top of Rainbow Hills 51U

Dam of Bar-E-L Iron Will 32Y

Bar-E-L Natural Law 52Y

Natural Law was our second high seller in 2012 to Tanya Belsham, Poplar Meadows Angus. Although we are very limited this year with a small group of calves, they are some of our best; including Heifer Calf Champion at Agribition, and an exceptional son in the sale from one of our best cow lines at Bar-E-L.

Bar-E-L Magnolia 143K

Dam of Bar-E-L Natural Law 52Y

Bushs Rock Solid 983

This is a powerful son of Bushs Unbelievable. His pedigree includes three immediate females which are all donor dams in the Bush program in South Dakota.

Bar-E-L Unforgiven 102U

Unforgiven was our 2009 high seller to Wilbar Farms. An exceptional breeding bull; certainly one of the Networths’s best. Maternal brother to Bar-E-L Natural Law 52Y.

Bar-E-L Magnolia 143K

Dam of Bar-E-L Natural Law 52Y

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