Thank you to our bidders and buyers at the

ANL & Guests Annual Production Sale

Sale Results
20 Heifer Calves $4,320.00
31 Bred Heifers $5,313.33
1 Cow $2,500.00
3 Cow/Calf Pair $6,733.33
55 Live Lots Averaged $4,881.82 and Grossed $268,500.00

High Selling Heifer Calve
Lot 6 – ANL C HAR 420A Melissa 53C 5E sired by TH 71U 17Y Mountaineer 420A was purchased by Craig & Tricia Wilgenbusch, Midale, SK for $6,500.00

High Selling Bred Heifer
Lot 26 – ANL 425X Elsie 58A 51D sired by TH 89T 743 Untapped 425 ET was purchased by Crittenden Brothers Polled Herefords, Imperial, SK for $9,250.00

Lot 19 - ANL 17A Stacey 3536A 122D sired by TH 133W 11X Hi-Tech 17A was purchased by Blairs.Ag Cattle Co., Lanigan, SK for $9,000.00

High Selling Cow/Calf Pair
Lot 11& 11A – ANL C 23Z Astrid 43A 88C sired by ANL 521X Victor 65U 23Z was purchased by Troop Herefords, Grace City, ND,USA and her calf ANL C 420A Astrid 88C 43E sired by TH 71U 17Y Mountaineer 420A was purchased by Rockeman Herefords, Donnybrook, ND, USA for $6,000.00

Lot 12 & 12A – ANL 425X Ms Extra 92A sired by TH 89T 743 Untapped 425X ET was purchased by Brost Land & Cattle, Irvine, AB and her calf ANL 80C Miss Extra 92A 38E sired by ANL 17A Hi Tech 58W 80C was purchased by Spring Mountain Farm Ltd., Beaverlodge, AB for $5,200.00

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