"Cattle Bred with the Commercial Man in Mind"

Red JJL Signature 49B

Red YY REd Knight 640F OSF

Red Ter-Ron mambo 28k

red alder abg star dust 8g

red chopper k ozzie 109t

red compass kargo 83k

red chopper k scaara 216m

red scarra 497k

red pbc d0202 6m h0904 osf maf

red crescent creek h0904 52k

red mem icecap annie 22z

red riverdale countess 485m

red sss bomber 789g

red riverdal brandy 224j

red riverdale countess 30f

BD: Jan. 17, 2014 

  BW: 89 lbs.  •  WW:753 lbs.

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Red JJL Signature 49B

Clarke & Denise Ward
G.S. 707 RR #7 Box 39, Saskatoon, SK S&K 1N2
P: 306.931.3824 C: 306.220.6372