"Cattle Bred with the Commercial Man in Mind"

Red Ward's Freyja 56N

red rcn dynamo 732

red buf crk dynamics 3820

red buf crk primrose 3150

red handford dynamite 136l

red bieber dsign 1325-082

red handford bridget 8c

red six mile bridget 751t

red blaze v415

red flying k ignitor 9g

red flying k ms chief 39b

red war'd freyja 49j

red triple j eric 14h

red saskairie freyja 93p

red tdmd freyja 218-237

BD: Jan. 28, 2003

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Clarke & Denise Ward
G.S. 707 RR #7 Box 39, Saskatoon, SK S&K 1N2
P: 306.931.3824 C: 306.220.6372