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Mama Cows

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At Northway Cattle Co. we breed with a balanced approach, the sires working in our program are selected for their balanced genetic profiles on a higher performance level. When selecting new sires the only thing that changes is the lineage on the pedigree while maintaining phenotype, structure, frame and type. Because it is hard to evaluate a new sire by high performance alone we have set up our commercial herd to test the genetic performance of a new sire. If a sire fails to meet our expectations in the commercial herd, there is now way we will chance him on your purebred cows . We will not pass on genetics that don't hit our target. We realize that to RAISE THE BAR on calf performance and consistency, not only does it require powerful sires but just as much cow performance. We aim for high maternal qualities with top end performance in growth and feed efficiency.

As the cow is responsible for 50% of the genetic makeup of her calf, we challenge our purebred cows calve in early summer on pasture by themselves where their maternal mentality, calving ease, udder and teat confirmation and a vigorous calf are a huge asset. Fertility is also one of the traits at the top o four list and select replacements heifers are only bred one cycle, If she does not "get 'er done," She ain't seedstock type! The cows are expected to milk and produce a heavy calf maintaining enough condition to breed back in the late summer on lower quality grass in just a short 45 day breeding season.

Mama Cows