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As commercial producers ourselves, we know you only get one chance per year, so investing in the right bull is crucial. The sire you purchase will be responsible for 50% of his calves outcomes. Most cattle producers are looking for easy calving and highly vigorous births at calving time, but just as important is the ability to grow and weigh up heavy at weaning (pounds pay!). When we select sires to use in our purebred program, we stay consistent in our frame size to avoid calving difficulties. No more than one point up or down (that will do more for calving ease than birth weight). A lesson we learned a long time ago is not to use sires that sacrifice growth for low birth weight; there are not that many sires in the Angus breed that are cow killers at calving time, but there are enough in the industry that have very little performance and growth.

Our bulls are born in the summer on pasture. After weaning they are fed a high roughage ration throughout the first winter, then go back out to pasture for the summer. We prefer to develop the bulls in a real world environment and allow the bulls to put on extra age without pushing them on hot feed. We believe bulls that have a healthy start and are developed responsibly should have longevity and perform better in the breeding season.

We also offer quality angus females as replacement types. We believe replacements need to be very particular in genetic design with the ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments. We believe our genetics to be some of the best on offer and stand behind them with our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our Bull and Female Sale is the first Friday in February.

You can contact us any time before the sale and we would be more than happy to discuss your particular needs.
We will also be offering a few different  leasing options on select female groups and a premium buy back to our customers for calves that were sired by our genetics.

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