The Limousin Voice is the official magazine of the Canadian Limousin Association. We strive to keep you current on what's happening in the Limousin breed. We have added a digital copy of the magazine, which is published three times per year and offers readers content ranging from basic how-to articles to in-depth reports as well as feature profiles on Canadian Limousin breeders, news and events from the Association. The Limousin Voice is solely owned by the Canadian Limousin Association and is proudly produced by Today’s Publishing Inc.

We offer any level of assistance in developing advertisements in promoting your program; from camera-ready to developing ads from scratch.

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Fall Sale & Show Issue

Booking September 20
Material September 30
Camera Ready October 5

Christmas Herd Bull & Early Bull Sale Issue

Booking November 20
Material December 1
Camera Ready December 6

Winter Herd Bull Issue

Booking January 15
Material January 25
Camera Ready February 2


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