All natural, hormone and antibiotic free grass fed and grass or grain finished beef.
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We have a few awesome 4H prospects- steers and heifers. They are Galloway influenced and will have lots of hair to work with.

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We also have some young bred Lowline cows available and are watching some very promising Lowline bull calves. We will have yearling bulls available for 2019.


Great selection available.
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Bull Sales

Sold out for 2018

Commercial Heifer

Galloway influenced heifers available. Awesome prospects for a grass fed program or for anyone looking for great mothering ability in a hardy package.

Uluru 2Z

This is a bull with a great temperament that has proven to be an excellent commercial sire, producing calves with competitive weaning weights in the fall.
On his first crop of commercial calves this year, birth weights averaged 73lbs with zero assists needed at calving and the calves weaning weights averaged 676lbs for steers and 616lbs for heifers.
He is an Australian import and the only bull with this combination of genetics that we know of in North America. On the lowline cows, his birth weights average 56lbs with no assisted calvings. This is a bull that will add muscle and size to smaller framed Lowline cows, yet he maintains on grass.

Semen Available | Now stored at Westgen for easier accessibility

$35 a Straw or 20 for $600

Yarra Ranges Jackeroo

Jackaroo is the youngest bull to ever win the Supreme Exhibit at the Royal Melbourne Show. At just 11 months of age he weighed 342kg and had an eye muscle area of 82cm! Jackaroo is a powerful bull winning the Sydney Royal Grand Champion bull award at 30 months, weighing in at 692kg with an eye muscle area of 108cm. Making him the number one bull in Australia.
Jackaroo is a natural choice for producing offspring with excellent growth rate, muscle & fleshing ability. Jackaroo's progeny success at shows across the world speaks for itself.

Limited Straws of Semen Available

$125 a Straw

Moderator Heifers Available

Lowline sires on Galloway. Belgian Blue or commercial Angus cows.

Our 50% Lowline cows average 1100-1300 pound mature weight and routinely wean calves well over 50% of their weights.
We had a first calf heifer who weighed 900 lbs. In the fall wean a heifer calf just over 600 lbs.

White Galloway Bull

Lowline Galloway Angus Cross Steer

50% Lowline Heifer