Freezer Beef

We raise our beef on native Saskatchewan pasture from birth to slaughter. For the last 6-12 weeks the cattle are supplemented with either a grain based feed. The cattle always have access to free choice grass or hay even when they are receiving the supplement feed. Our beef is selected using tools such as carcass ultrasound to ensure the best marbling and consistent rib eye size. We have chosen Angus based breeds – Commercial Angus cows, registered Angus as well as Galloway and Belgian Blue cattle to maximize on flavor, marbling and tender beef.

Beef is available by the quarter(which is a half of a half not a fore or hind quarter)/half or whole in the early spring and in the fall. The beef is pasture raised, free of feed additives and hormones. We also have beef available by the piece: hamburger, roast or steak. Call or email for pricing

Sides and quarters are 4.25/lb based on hanging carcass weight. The sides of beef do range in size depending on the breed/cross of the animal and range from a side that would weigh 300lb up to 400+lb hanging weight.