Carlrams Ranching Ltd.

Carlrams Ranching Ltd. is a small family run cattle ranch calving 300 purebred, registered Horned Hereford cows in north western Saskatchewan, near the town of Cut Knife. Our elite herd started simply enough with Carl Ramsay Sr. purchasing a registered Prince Domino heifer in 1948. The Ramsay family bought their first quarter of land 100 years ago in 1912. We are proud to be awarded the Century Family Farm Award.

With the late Carl Sr.& wife Ruth's love for people and good cattle, the foundation was built for our ranch today. Carlrams Ranching Ltd is currently run by Carl Sr. and Ruth's son Cal and his wife Marilyn with their son Carl (with wife Dalynn and children Cordell, Calianne, Curwyne and Crawley) and daughter Robin (with husband Randy, and children Ramsay, Rawley and Layla-Ruth Flicek) the third generation at Carlrams.

We believe that Herefords are a maternal breed and the backbone of many cow herds across the world. Our Hereford cattle have always been selected for their temperament, longevity, and natural doing ability. We keep our main focus on the maternal side, trying to raise the best cows we can with emphasis on good feet and udders. We keep this commitment in mind when choosing our sale bulls for our Annual Bull Sale held the second Thursday in February at the Ranch. Please accept our open invitation for you to join us for lunch on sale day.

The Ramsay Family

Cal & Marilyn Ramsay

Carl, Dalynn, Cordell, Calianne, Curwyne & Crawley Ramsay
Randy, Robin, Ramsay, Rawley & Layla-Ruth Flicek

PO Box 412, Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada, S0M 0N0

Phone: 306.398.2815Fax: 306.398.3765
Cal: 306.398.7343Carl: 306.398.7879
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