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Lowline Youth

Lowline Youth
Junior Perspecive

Why A Lowline, A Junior's Perspective

I like my Lowline because they are quiet tempered, easy to calve and they are polled, therefore no horns to deal with.

My name is Ashton Beitz, I am 11 years old. I live in Hanover, Ontario with my parents and brother. I go to Holy Family School and I am in Grade 5. I got my first percentage cow when I was six years old and I sold her. Now I have a cow, Guilty that I bought from Cathy and Lee Moneith. I thank Cathy and Lee for offering me Guilty at a discounted price. We went to see them two years ago and they are really nice people. Guilty was shown as a calf so she is really friendly. Guilty was the first one to calve here, on March 11. Guilty had a bull calf and his name is Charge. He weighed 53 lbs. and was 23 inches tall. She calved in the barn where it was nice and dry. Guilty is 100% Lowline Angus. My other interests are dirt biking, I have an 80 Honda bike. I play soccer during the summer.

Ashton Beitz

Why I fell in love with the Lowline breed mainly because of their size and their docile disposition.

My name is Owen Beitz and I am nine years old. I live in Hanover, Ontario with my parents and brother. I got my first heifer when I was four years old. We still have her but I sold her to my parents. I now have a cow and heifer calf. The cow’s name is Bilyara and the heifer’s name is Milly. Her weight at birth was 61 lbs. and height was 24.5 inches. Bilyara is very friendly and she is halter broke. We bought Bilyara in calf from Cathy and Lee Moneith, which I would like to thank them for offering her to me. I go in the pen every night to go pet her and Milly if they are there. Bilyara loves apples, carrots and grain.

My other interests are dirt biking and I play soccer during the summer. I go to Holy Family School in Hanover. I would like to get more registered Lowlines.

Owen Beitz

Hi, my name is Scarlett Jespersen. Our family owns J6 Cattle Ranch. Last year was my first year in 4-H and I used a 50% Lowline Hereford cross as my steer, that we raised on the farm. I did really well in the conformation classes with him. The reason I like the Lowline breed is because they are easy to handle and work with. This 4-H year I have a fullblood heifer that I will be showing, along with a 50% Lowline/Angus steer.


Hi, my name is Logan Jespersen, I am 12 years old. This is my second year in 4-H. This year for 4-H I have a fullblood Lowline steer that I am using, that we have also raised on the farm. I like the Lowline breed because they are small and easy going.

I am hoping that with showing Lowlines more people will also know about the breed and realize how great of a breed that they are.